There’s a thrill that comes from riding a bike that you don’t get when driving a car. Taking a day to enjoy the roads on the back of a motorcycle can be invigorating. Still, it’s crucial to remember fundamental safety tips to avoid injuries or accidents.

Staying safe while riding

  • Wear a helmet. Most motorcyclists know they should be wearing head protection, but often choose not to. Helmets can be bulky, heavy and restrict your ability to enjoy the wind in your hair. That’s a small price to pay for a 37% reduced risk of death and a 69% reduced risk of injury, according to CDC estimates. Even the safest driver is still at risk from others on the road who may not be as attentive, which is why helmets are so important.
  • Keep your bike in working order. Just through routine use, things can wear down. It’s essential to check your motorcycle thoroughly before taking it out for a ride. Online publication The Balance recommends checking your tire pressure, mirrors, fluid levels and lights prior to driving. Accidents can happen as a result of mechanical failures on the road. Regularly inspecting your motorcycle can help prevent this issue.
  • Drive defensively. Bikes don’t offer the safety of a car, and even a light touch by an automobile can cause a catastrophic accident. To offset the risk, it’s crucial to drive with even more care and diligence. Don’t make last-minute turns or dangerous passes that could put you in harm’s way.

Doing what you can to avoid an accident is much easier than dealing with the aftermath of one. Keeping these tips in mind can help you both enjoy motorcycling and stay safe on the road.